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Enrich Your Fuel Mixture
Reduce  Engine Surging
Improve Throttle Response
Reduce Engine Ping

Download the fitment guide to see which one is best for your model

This item is available for all 2007 and later Harley-Davidson(r) with 4 pin Delhpi electronic injection systems

Our simple plug-n-play fuel management upgrade that is specifically designed for 2010 and later Harley-Davidson(r) Touring motorcycles with the converter removed or complete exhaust system replaced. Nightrider's unique patented design works inline with the new design, smaller H-D Delphi heated narrow band O2 sensor and Delphi ECM to enrich the fuel mixtures. Riders can quickly and simply enrich the closed loop fuel mixture on your TC96/103/110 engine from the stock 14.6:1 to 14.0:1 AFR. The FL-XiED-10's will add approximately 6% more fuel to the engine in closed loop operating mode than a similar unequipped vehicle. There is an indirect richening of open loop fuel mixture's through the learning mode or adaptive fuel value action, ensuring these richer 13.8-12.5:1 AFR's are also adjusted in heavy/full throttle situations.  This richer fuel mixture results in benefits that can include:

Cooler exhaust temperatures

Reduced engine temperatures

Improved throttle response

Less engine ping

Recommended for HD bikes with OEM emissions downloads. These include

TC96, TC96 Stage 1

TC103, TC103 Stage 1, TC103 Stage 2

TC110, SE CVO 110

Exhaust systems including slip-on mufflers and air cleaner upgrades are compatible with the FL-XiED-10 upgrade.   Bikes that have full exhaust system upgrades or undergo remove the catalytic converter are recommended to use the FL-VIED-10 (click to find the link)product. Fine tuning of the O2 sensor signals may be required to optimize the fuel mixture when the converter is not in place.   Removal of the catalytic converter is not recommended due to emissions regulations.

Engine Tuners

XIED’s have been successfully used with V&H Fuel Pak that leave the 02 sensors connected. Similar tuners that do not disable the OEN 02 sensors should have positive results.

Not recommended for use with software engine tuners like SE race tuner or master tune TTS.

There are some specific exceptions for the 2010 and later version of the SE super tuner.

Not recommended for piggyback controllers like Power Commander, TFI or similar devices that use 02 eliminators.

All XiED(tm) products are Protected by U..S Patent 7,805,236 

For Off Road Use Only

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